Pride Investment Group LLC, is strictly SEC compliant in structuring our deals. Each property we acquire, we establish an LLC’s in the states that correspond to the respective property, which is taxed as a partnership.
The investors who contribute cash to the deal are limited liability partners of the manager managed LLC that holds the property. Combined with strong operating agreements, this structure protects our investors from the liability of the operation and each other.
As the Group Sponsor we establish a second LLC to act as the managing member of the holding LLC and therefore absorb the liability of the operation. When required, for better financing possible and therefore the highest returns for our investors we partner with an HNW individual to secure the mortgage. To qualify for this position in today’s lending market an investor needs a net worth equal to the price of the property and liquid of a year of payments, this will ensure the highest LTV and competitive interest rates. In exchange for signing on the loan we may share a portion of the cash flow, appreciation and principal pay-down through the life of the project.


When it comes to analyzing deals, we implement a detailed research of the market and thorough deal analysis. We look for B-C class, Cash-flowing properties, mostly in secondary & tertiary stable markets. we plan to hold each property for 5-7 years, depending where we are in the real estate cycle, while adding value by optimizing property operations and management.
Pride investment group understands the real-estate cycle and follow it closely. analyzing professional market reports, researching each market’s economic Development, employment, demographics and specific location of each property, using the best market research firms in the United states (Marcus & Millichap, Milken Institute, Integra Realty Resources Inc. (IRR), and more)
For the entire life of the investment, Pride investment group will manage the daily operations, wile adding value by forced appreciation. we believe in active communication with all parties of the investment.
Distributions to investors are made Annually, and final distribution is made upon dissolution of property.
Pride Investment takes a conservative approach while analyzing and underwriting our deals, to ensure returns are as high as possible.
Moreover, we surround ourselves with highly qualified professionals, each and every step of the way throughout the entire process, from assessing and analyzing the deal, through the due diligence period and accusation, and finally the value adding and the asset management.


The Emerging real estate market investing strategy is based on monitoring market cycles. The objective is to ensure that accrued equity is optimized by selling each property at the optimum time, and putting the equity realized on sale to work in the next emerging market. Investing in commercial real estate, coupled with rotating appreciation every 3-5 years into properties in new, emerging markets is a proven strategy for compounding wealth.
Inexperienced investors often miss the selling window by leaving capital to stagnate in softening markets. Allowing an investment to persist in an area suffering from rising unemployment and oversupply can be costly for investors.
Many investors prefer the opportunities and advantages that come from participating in large, professionally managed properties versus individual ownership of smaller properties. Our experience in multifamily investment can help insulate investors from the pitfalls of managing tenants on their own.
pride Investment Group seeks to optimize investment returns. Our returning investors can attest to the fact that our system works.

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