Co−Founder & CEO

Natan Oversees the capital, equity, and debt departments as well as strategic planning functions with over 7 Years of experience in the real estate sector. He has bought and sold properties with a value of over 35 million dollars and is experienced in working with both local and international investors.
Owner of construction and property management companies for the last 3 years, which have generated a gross revenue exceeding 10 million dollars.


Simcha Mendelson

Co−Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Simcha is responsible for the day-to-day operational activities and oversees implementation of vision, goals, and strategic plans for Pride Investment Group.
He has experience in the real estate and construction sector for over 7 years and has managed large construction projects in the NY and NJ area. He has also supervised all operational tasks for a construction and management company for 3 years, totaling a gross revenue of over 10 million dollars.


Roy Shirit

Co−Founder & Chief Business Officer

Roy Oversees acquisition and long range planning functions. He has over 7 years of experience, with passive & active investing in residential and commercial real estate in the Tri-Boro area.
Business management graduate, Roy has successfully acquired and sold properties in value of over $14 Million dollars, working with his own capital while also raising money from passive investors.
Roy owns a general construction & construction management firm operating in NJ for the past 9 years, working on residential and commercial properties with a gross revenue of over $15 Million Dollars.

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